New Music, New Format!
Some of the music is now available in both .jpg and .pdf format.
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Now, you all know how hard this darn site is to find. I have submitted to several search-engines, but, you know, I'm #139892 out of 167363 so that makes it a pain in the rear. So, please, tell every musician you know about this site so I can get some more people coming through. Also, I am starting up a mailing list for people who would like to be notified when the site is updated. If you wish to sign up, just e-mail me. Back to the music!

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Now, on with the Music!

Patriotic Music

In honor of the lives lost on that horrific day, 09/11/01, I have posted some patriotic songs.
Thanks very much to My Sheet for allowing me to post their music here, due to the fact I couldn't get ahold of any of mine. God Bless.
America, the Beautiful (32k PDF)
Battle Hymn of the Republic (30k PDF)
My Country Tis of Thee (30 k PDF)
The Star Spangled Banner (32k PDF)

Jazz and Blues

All of Me - Simons and Marks (110 k jpg)
Anthropology - By Charlie Parker ( 107k jpg )
As Time Goes By - By Billie Holiday (117k jpg)
Big Nick - By John Coltrane ( 110k jpg)
Birdland By Joe Zawinul (119k jpg)
Blueberry Hill By Louis, Stock and Rose (119k jpg)
Blue Monk - By Thelonius Monk ( 93.4 k jpg)
Bye Bye, Blackbird - By Dixon and Henderson (93k jpg)
Dexterity - By Charlie Parker (127 k jpg)
Don't Get Around Much Anymore - By Duke Ellington ( 109k jpg)
Frankie and Johnny - Unknown (38k jpg)
Gentle Rain - Louis Bonfi (76k jpg)
Gentle Rain - Louis Bonfi (202k pdf)
Giant Steps - John Coltrane (70k jpg)
Giant Steps - John Coltrane (202k pdf)
Girl from Impanema - Antonio Carlos Jobim (138k)
In a Sentimental Mood - By Duke Ellington ( 142k )
Inchworm - By Frank Loesser (142k jpg )
Isn't it Romantic? - By Rogers & Hart (100k jpg)
Isn't it Romantic? - By Rogers & Hart (230k pdf)
Misty - By Errol Garner (126 k jpg)
My Funny Valentine - By Miles Davis ( 124 k jpg)
Salt Peanuts - By Gillispie and Clark (109k jpg)
Some Skunk Funk, pg 1 - By Randy Brecker (316 k jpg)
Some Skunk Funk, pg 2 - By " " (316 k jpg)
Some Skunk Funk, pg 3 - By " " (316 k jpg)
Spanish Flea - By Herb Alpert (133 k jpg)
Take the A Train - By Billy Stayhorn and the Delta Rythm Boys (105k jpg)


Eleanor Rigby by the Beatles (76k jpg)
Eleanor Rigby by the Beatles (111k pdf)
Hey Jude by the Beatles. (114k)
Kiss the Girl, pg 1 - From The Little Mermaid
Kiss the Girl, pg 2 - From " "
Kiss the Girl, pg 1 - From The Little Mermaid
Kiss the Girl, pg 2 - From " "
Lady Madonna by the Beatles (57k)
Norweigan Wood By the Beatles
Norweigan Wood by the Beatles (118k pdf)
Strangers in the Night from Phantom of the Opera.
Whole New World pg. 1, from Aladdin (67k)
Whole New Worldpg. 2, from Aladdin (67k)


Basic Warm-ups - Excerpted from Arban's Complete Conservatory Method for Trumpet.

Basic Warm-ups pg 2 - Excerpted from Arban's Complete Conservatory Method for Trumpet.

Concone Excercise 1 - Excerpted from Concone Lyrical Studies for the Horn.

A little warning. The two warm-ups are a little fuzzy when printed. I am trying to rectify this problem, but I fear that I cannot. Any suggestions, gang?

I recommend that you purchase both an Arban's book and a book called The Bb Real Book, a collection of pre-transposed Jazz for the Bb trumpet. Very good jazz, and already pre-transposed! If your whole band has Real Books, you've got music for at least 8 sets. Sweet, man. You can order a copy of any of the Real Books at Music Mart They cost \\$38 apiece. If you find any other shops that sell them, send em here!